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XIAOMI MIJIA High Speed Hair Dryer H501 SE 62m/s Wind Speed Negative Ion Hair Care 110,000 Rpm Professional Dry 220V CN Version

XIAOMI MIJIA High Speed Hair Dryer H501 SE 62m/s Wind Speed Negative Ion Hair Care 110,000 Rpm Professional Dry 220V CN Version

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Brand Name: XIAOMI

Portability: Unfoldable handle

Max. power: 1600W

Function: Anion

Function: Thermostatic

Function: Hot/cold air

Plug standard: chinese

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PC

Number of gears: 2

Number of heating modes: Over 3

Nozzle type: Collecting Nozzle

Model Number: H501 SE

Type of motor: DC

Number of nozzles: 1 - 2

Heating element: Infrared

Certification: ce

Certification: ROHS

Item Type: hair dryer

Nozzle coating: Other

Power Source: Electric

Voltage: 210-240V

Certification: CE

Certification: CCC

Size: 1

Use: Professional

We will send the correct plug adapter or conversion plug for your country.

XIAOMI MIJIA High Speed Hair Dryer H501 SE Main Feature

*Releases 200 million negative ions, neutralizing static and enhancing hair's shine.
* Intelligent and precise temperature control, prevent overheating, protect the scalp and hair from the root.
* 110,000 rpm Powerful Brushless Motor, Fast Hair Drying in 2 Minutes.
*Built-in sound-absorbing cotton reduces noise for a more peaceful operation.
* 57C° Constant temperature and high wind speed hair drying technology,  with more comfortable temperature and high speed soft wind dry hair.
* 8 blowing modes, 2 wind speed, 4 wind temperature, covering multiple usage scenarios
* 62 m/s surging wind speed, the wind speed is 5 times that of traditional hair dryers.
* 338g lightweight body,Weight of a cup of coffee.
* Temperature Indicator Light: Backlit light indicates the air temperature - blue for cold, red for hot, and yellow for warm air.

XIAOMI MIJIA High Speed Hair Dryer H501
In the Palm of Your Hand, Experience Swift Drying

*High-Speed Drying: Perceived Wind Speed ≥ 62 meters/second
*Lightweight and Compact: Only 338g ≈ 1 bottle of 350mL mineral water
*Negative Ion Wind to Smooth Hair: Neutralizes static electricity in the hair
*Constant Temperature Control: Reduces high-temperature drying with NTC thermistor
*Upgraded Power for Stable Operation: Maximum speed of up to 110,000 RPM

High-speed enjoyment, that's fast drying.
Equipped with a CNC precision motor, with a stable speed of up to 110,000 RPM, it offers a stronger airflow sensation. The air outlet speed can reach up to 62 meters/second, quickly removing moisture from your hair, providing a fast drying experience.

200 million-level negative ions help tame frizz.
While blowing air, it releases 200 million negative ions, neutralizing static electricity in the hair, reducing static damage, and helping to create a shiny, hydrated mane.

Combination noise reduction for a quieter experience.
The handle's air intake is equipped with built-in sound-absorbing cotton for combined noise reduction, eliminating the loud noise typical of hair dryers.

Charming Azure Selection, More Compact.
The limited edition healing milk blue color breaks the monotony, giving you an additional choice.

Lightweight design for easy handling, no fatigue.
Weighing only 338g, approximately equivalent to 1 bottle of 350mL mineral water, with a handle length of only about 18cm and a 9cm short nozzle, the overall weight distribution makes it effortless to dry long hair.

Steady warm air, understands temperature.
Built-in intelligent temperature control chip conducts real-time temperature detection 100 times per second, providing a gentler airflow. The air outlet is equipped with an NTC thermistor to prevent excessively high air temperatures from scorching the hair and scalp, reducing frizz. In the warm air mode, the chip maintains a constant temperature of 57°C, helping to achieve fluffy and smooth results.

8 personalized settings for the perfect airflow.
Supports customizable hair drying modes, allowing you to choose from 8 combinations of temperature and airflow speed, ensuring you get the perfect style.

a variety of colors.
Inspired by the sky and clouds, designed to please those who value aesthetics.

The back of the nozzle has a wind temperature indicator light,
Blue: Cold air
Red: Hot air
Yellow: Warm air
Red and blue alternating: Alternating cold and hot air

Remember your preferences, tailored for you.
With a memory function, after selecting your preferred temperature, you don't need to set it again the next time you use it.

Hair-catching design: Double-layer air intake grille to prevent hair from being sucked in or tangled
1.7-meter long cord

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