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XIAOMI MIJIA Portable Anion Hair Dryer H101 Quick Dry Professinal Foldable 1600W 50 Million Negative Lons Home Travel Hair Care

XIAOMI MIJIA Portable Anion Hair Dryer H101 Quick Dry Professinal Foldable 1600W 50 Million Negative Lons Home Travel Hair Care

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Portability: Foldable handle

Brand Name: XIAOMI

Max. power: 1600W

Item Type: hair dryer

Plug standard: chinese

Function: Anion

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

• Quick Drying Power :Experience rapid drying with the XIAOMI MIJIA Portable Anion Hair Dryer's 1600W max power. It's perfect for those who value efficiency and time-saving in their hair care routine.

• Anion Function :This hair dryer features an anion function, known for its hair smoothing and static reduction properties. It's ideal for individuals with sensitive hair or who frequently style their hair.

• Portable Design :With its foldable handle, this hair dryer is highly portable, making it perfect for home travel use. It's a must-have item for those on the go.

• Professional Quality :This professional-grade hair dryer offers high-quality performance, ensuring salon-like results right at home. It's a great investment for personal grooming.

• Chinese Plug Standard :Designed with a Chinese plug standard, this hair dryer is compatible with most outlets in China, providing a wide range of usage.

Findable, 15 m/s,50 millionnegationions, Multiple modes.

Lightweight and Portable, Easy to Store:Worry-Free Storage, Compact and Foldable Handle

Small and Lightweight, Effortless Hair drying has never been so easy:Ergonomic design for a comfortable gripWith a body weight of approximately 430git is even lighter than a bottle of cola*saying goodbye to heaviness and fatigue.making hair drying a breezeSuperb Performance, ComprehensiveUpgrade:Powerful Airflow, Refreshing Hair Drying Speed High-performance motor with a speed of 20000rpm, providing strong power tgenerate a powerful airflow of 15m/s.

Two Heat and Speed ModesSwitch Instantly with a Gentle Press:The hair dryer offers two heat and speed modes, catering to differentblow-drying needs. Switching between hot and cold air is as simple as agentle press, allowing you to enjoy the desired temperature mode.Innovative Balanced Heating Element Design,Temperature Balance for Hair Care

50 million High-Concentration Negative lons Bid Farewell to Frizzy and Tangled Hair:Equipped with an internal negative iongenerator, it releases 50 million negativeions that are delivered to the hair'ssurface. These ions effectivelyneutralize static electricity, smoothout frizz, and leave the hair smoothshiny, and full of vitalitySleek Design with Multiple Color Options:Minimalist Style with HighAesthetic Value Always Show casing Extraordinary Taste.The surface of the body adopts a warmmatte design, providing a smooth and delicate touch.The minimalist contourines ensure that it seamlessly blendsinto any home setting without beingobtrusivVarious Colors Meeting Your Aesthetic Needs:Unlock more colors and enjoy the freedomof choice.The versatile matte style breaksaway from complexity and embracessimplicity at its finest.Multiple Safeguards, Rejecting Potential Hazards

Double-layer Insulated Concentrator Nozzle Prevents Accidental BurnsAttention to Detail, Reflecting Quality

Basic Parameters:Product Name:Mi Portable HairDryer H10/Rated Voltage:220V

Power CordLength:1.7m/Product NetWeight:428g (including concentrator nozzle)

Product Model:CMJ04LXW(White),CMJ04LXP(Pink)/ProductDimensions:160x70x212mm (including concentrator nozzle)

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